When it rains it pours


The video has many elements i do not condone: drinking excessively, not working toward compromise and no harmony in a relationship, and gambling.

The video does, however, contain the singer’s artistry, which i think is brilliant.

It also contains a catchy chorus…

“When it rains it pours.”


Yesterday, i confirmed a contract with a client who emailed me 48-hours prior with a speaker request at Universal Studios.

So lucky.

Also yesterday, a client i’ve been speaking with for 120 days – and who’s association has never paid for a speaker – let me know they finally raised the funds and have approved my offer. “Please send the contract right away” was the gist of the text message.

Man, when it rains it pours.

i realize today’s posts contain an edgy, almost boastful karma.

While it’s not the intention, i realize that a strength, overused, may become a liability.

As karma and serendipity would have it, the first client, above, shared this website containing the post about strengths overused, here.

Perhaps the only defense one could muster (because strengths absolutely can become liabilities) is this note from Steve Jobs.


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In your spare time, Google “Disney Keynote Speakers”

Disney Institute Keynote Speakers
Here’s to “lucky breaks”.


In your spare time, Google “Disney Keynote Speakers“.

Any idea how challenging it is to be on Google’s front (first) page?

Literally impossible.


Everyone on the planet is trying to be in that position.

Thank you “five-a-day blogging” (every day for 8.5 years) for facilitating this “lucky” break.

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This website is about our WORK. To ponder today’s post about our HQ, click here.

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Some leaders are late to the dance

Mojave desert sign
Photo from a 2010 California trip for Disney Institute. Space was an obstacle until the 20th century.


Some leaders are late to the dance. Hey, life happens. To all of us.

Have you encountered that uncomfortable period in your life when you recognize that your obstacle owns your future?

Here we are nine months after retirement and i still don’t have a website that gives me goose bumps.


Because i’m a hypocrite?


Because i’m slow and deliberate.

Because i’m willing to change course and go down a path that hasn’t been cleared yet.

Have you ever found yourself staring at an astonishing opportunity that not only was completely unplanned for, but it requires much more work than you want to commit to?

Crazy thing though, the hard, arduous work of creating our art is manageable. But only if we are willing to go slowly and intentionally. This flies in the face of fast-paced, get-it-done business thinking.

And because it looks less bold, less determined, less focused, it has the power to embarrass us. The temptation is to rush, and stress, and compromise.

Go slow anyway because the payoff is huge.

The payoff?

An incredibly scalable process and world-class humble confidence. You’ve always had it but now it becomes even more magnificent.

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It takes a long time for lucky breaks to begin happening

Letter in mailbox
Had our 14-year old write a thank you note to the Director of Admissions two days ago.


After a third and final High School tour at 9am, i’ll begin the drive to Ft Lauderdale to deliver tomorrow’s Leadership Keynote Speech at the 2015 gMed Summit.

This is the first post-Disney retirement speech in which the audience is a mixture of attendees from many diverse healthcare providers.

This is the type of engagement in which future speaking opportunities generally come from.

Note to self: Hand-written thank you notes are rare, hence valuable.

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