Dear Son, who decides who the luckiest person alive is?

Disney World sweatshirt
What if someone was a teacher and their classroom was Walt Disney World Resort?


Who decides who the luckiest person alive is?

Using what criteria?

Can we make it up ourselves?

Don’t judge yourself against others.

Neither of you is traveling the same path.

Learn to be blissful on your path or find a different path.

And a different path may be the same path, but with someone, or going in the opposite direction.

Yeah, life is full of distractions and illusions.

You’re in charge of figuring this stuff out and thriving in spite of it all.

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People like this are either one or the other

one dozen microphones for big presentation at The Breakers
First class production all the way (three screens across the front, 12 microphones on the table)


The Breakers' meeting room view at sunrise
Two views – boastful or grateful (hint: starts with a ‘gr’)


The Breakers ocean front sidewalk
The ballroom is on the end – any closer and it would be in the ocean


We all work for a living (yes, there are exceptions).

Have to do or get to do?

The law of the harvest?

We reap what we sow?

Boastful or grateful?

Depends where on our vantage point.

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