Your Time Has Come?

One By One, Our Days Expire
One By One, Our Days Expire

The days pass slowly and steadily, like Autumn’s falling leaves.

Eventually, our time will expire.

If we are lucky, we’ll have done what it is we were put here to do.

The leadership challenge for all of us is to figure it out and do it, before it’s too late.

Our playing small does not serve the world.

Let that echo in your spirit and help you find your courage.

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Old School, Got Dreams?

Got Dreams?
Got Dreams?

“You’ve been thinking like an adult since you were a kid”, she said in response to a story I had shared from my youth.

Told her about wanting to be a Physical Education teacher to help make people healthier, and help make the world a better place. I was in 8th Grade.

So here we are 37 years later, back on the mission to help make the world a healthier place.

Got dreams?

Trophy Value

Last night as my wife and I celebrated our 25th anniversary with our great company, it really hit me.  I mean, it seriously hit me.  And it really comes as no surprise.  However, because of it’s simplicity, it is rampantly commonly overlooked.

Great companies are founded and grow for one simple reason: They want to make a difference in the lives of others.

Plus, great companies reward loyalty with valuable trophies. Trophy value is a priceless, intangible reminder that an employee’s longevity is an integral part of being world-class.

Say what you want, but nothing changes the fact that there is an unstoppable force when people are led with passion and are committed to make a difference.

And then it occurred to me this morning, that’s why I write five daily blogs.  I mean, who does that?

Does this mean I get another trophy?

Who Needs This?

“Who needs this”?, is stereotypically said in a sarcastic tone, and maybe even with our arms thrown up in the air is frustration.  Can you picture it?

But that’s not what I mean here.  Not today ever.

Today, in these tough economic times, these extraordinarily turbulent world times, we need this.

We need leaders.

Not managers.  Well, we need managers, but not as much as we desire leaders.

We need someone with passion to make a difference.

Most humans are hard-wired to do good – to make a difference.  But most are hard-wired, also, to fear.  Fear keeps good people, who want to make a difference, in the shadows, where it’s safe.

We don’t need any more people in the shadows.  it’s too crowded there. We need people to go out in the sun, and lead the others who want to make a difference, but have no one to follow.