It's Not Over Rated

Word of caution (and huge note to self)

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Does technology help or hinder? Depends how we manage our priorities and time, no?


Do not tire of almost always being the initiator. It’s a compliment. It means you are decently organized and have your priorities clearly before you at all times.

Word of caution (and huge note to self), be intentional about not having these two attributes become embarrassing for others.

Most people are buried. And they can barely keep up.

i know, i battle it every day the sun rises, and it lasts until after the sun sets.




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Could This Change Your Life?

i can only speak from experience

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Time is the only thing everyone gets the same of each day.


If you hit the snooze button, if you do rolling stops at stop signs, if you drive too fast, these are valid indications you are not a great leader. You are probably a great manager, getting things done, even burning the midnight oil, and racing down the highway to increase your output.

But leadership starts with self.

Is the purpose of speeding to save three minutes? Go to bed three minutes earlier the night before. No?

Saving three seconds by doing rolling stops instead of full and complete stops? Wake up one minute earlier so you don’t have to shave 10-20 seconds off of your commute.

Hitting the snooze button?

Rushing out the door half awake, in a rush, disorganized – the three minute and 20 seconds you save on a typical 30- minute commute requires a level of worry and anxiety that could be spent in an entirely different way if you went to bed (or woke up) just five minutes earlier.

Think about it.

When i finally came to terms with my blind spot, i fixed these things.

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Freaks unite

When does your workday begin?

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Yesterday, 6am on the way home.


The workday begins the night before.

For example, yesterday:

  • 4:40am – awaken
  • 5:00am – drive to airport
  • 6:00am – drop off Cheryl, drive home
  • 7:00am – begin 5-mile run
  • 8:00am – drive son to school
  • 8:30am – Gold’s Gym core & strength workout
  • 9:30am – drive home, pickup office supplies on the way
  • 10:15am – dip in the pool
  • 10:25am – brunch
  • 11:00am – read, email, social media, write, work
  • 1:30pm – drive to physical therapist for evaluation
  • 3:15pm – client call to Hawai’i
  • 4:15pm – pickup son at school
  • 4:30pm – Twistee Treat drive-thru for ice cream on drive home
  • 4:45pm – Grocery store for frozen pizza
  • 5:15pm – Dinner for two
  • 5:45pm – free time in family room
  • 9:00pm – bedtime
  • 9:30pm – lights out

The only audible for the day was picking up the frozen pizza.

Not everyday is this structured. But everyday is structured with a plan determined the night before.

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Professionally Speaking

Aha moments are addicting

Blueberry picking near Disney World
He’s not a nut job, he’s a fruitcake…during yesterday’s 10-miler.


He’s a thinker, not a writer.

He writes, but only to get the relentless flow of thoughts on paper.

He’s entertaining, not an entertainer.

His speeches are engaging, but only to allow the audience to deeply experience the insights.

He writes more than he speaks, the same way Usain Bolt trains more than he races.

This post was an aha moment last night.

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No chance of moving on to thriving

Orlando's Best Disney Keynote Speaker


(photo: No sense trying to reinvent the wheel. Set the bar as high as Disney sets it – to be the most admired company in the world)

To become the most admired keynote speaker and business management consultant in the world.

The kind of partner that will never tell you what you want to hear, only what you need to hear.

Hire the very best you can afford. Your future hangs in the balance. Leadership is the silver bullet.

Cut to the chase quickly and powerfully.

The sooner the better. Time is money. Time is often a matter of survival.

No chance of moving on to thriving if all our time (and money) is spent trying to stay alive.

PS. Marketing exploits accomplishments, benefits, features. Marketing and humility are not mutually exclusive, right?

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