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Be careful what you wish for dude

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We poison our souls so slowly we never notice


Be careful what you wish for dude.

In my line of work, I seem to see a lot more than most. – Jimmy Buffett

A seasoned, busy management consultant sees similar life scenarios played out in business.

The time for average is way past over.

Yet many business professionals slog on, in spite of the insanity of it all.

The only upside to this prison sentence is that most nights the prisoner can sleep at home.

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Time management or priority management?

knowing your priorities
without knowing our priorities, it's impossible to get to yes

I often wonder if the reason people focus first on managing their time, is because they don’t know, or can’t articulate, their priorities.

Do you know your priorities cold? What if you did? If you do, how has it transformed your life?

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Being Brave

Being Brave Means Being Ready To Say No

I said, "No. No, I'm not going to miss the opportunity to dunk this guy". it was fun.

Dear Son, learn to say no early in life. It took your Dad a very long time, and he continues to struggle. But you can be certain your Dad has improved 1,000%.

No doesn’t mean you don’t care. In fact, quite the opposite. A wise person needs no further explanation.

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Common Sense

Leadership Is Like…

Leadership is like raising a puppy.

Sad, but true, most people have no idea how to train a puppy.

Sad, but true, most people have no idea how to be a leader. A good manager? Yes. A great leader?

Don’t believe this? Then I challenge you to pay attention today.

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Do Not Collect

What Time Is It?

For many, including me, the traditional work day is over. That’s what time it is. Quitting time.

Did you give 110% today, even though it was Friday and you no doubt had a very long, trying week?

If you do not love what you do, you most likely didn’t give 100%, let alone anything extra.

What time is it?

Time for your employer to find your replacement?