You Have The Power

The most common way people give up their power is to believe they don’t have any.

Read and reread that thought, until you can embrace, and act, on the opposite. You are Mr Incredible, or Miss Incredible.

Not sure what tomorrow, April 1st, holds for jungle jeff and the rest of Mid Life Celebration, LLC.

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WordPress Blogging Solution

Never get bored with life’s basics…

Does being organized and planning ahead make life easier or harder? Then why do so many people panic?

The WordPress Blogging Solution jeff noel chose was the easiest and most obvious – write and schedule posts to post ahead of time. In two weekends, jeff noel wrote all of March’s posts, totaling 155.

That was the moment the epiphany came…

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jungle jeff – The Wellness Fanatic?

Masters World Championships, Finland
Masters World Championships, Finland

jungle jeff is absolutely a wellness fanatic.  Most don’t realize this.  Why would they realize it?  Why should they?

I started with one push-up per day for a week and then each new week, add one more push-up per day.  After six weeks, that’s six push-ups per day.

Also started running one mailbox per day for a week and then each new week added another mailbox.  After six weeks, I was running past six mailboxes.  Then walked back.

Through continuous improvement techniques learned at work (fortune 100 company), managed my boredom, injuries, motivation and goals – and after a decade, guess what happened this past Summer?

From one push-up per day ten years ago, to representing the USA at the WMA Master’s Track & Field World Championships in Lahti, Finland.  Men’s 400 meters, 50 – 54 age group.

So, excellence can be attained in virtually anything, but you have to be willing to set an impossible goal, work incredibly hard and never give up.  Ya with me?

jungle jeff, Jack & WMA

People who know me, know that when I come to the fork in the road, I take it.

Seriously, of the many labels thrown my way – status quo, normal, conservative – these themes are not.

Like many people, healthy living is important and action is required. After a dreadful cholesterol report a decade ago, an exercise routine began:

  1. One push up per day, for one week
  2. Run one mailbox per day for one week
  3. Second week, add one push up per day
  4. Second week, add another mailbox per day
  5. Third week, well, you get the picture

Now here we are, ten years later, by practicing what I preach, guess where that’s led?

The World Master’s Athletics (WMA) Track & Field World Championships in Lahti, Finland.  Seriously.

Reporting live from Lahti, Finland, August 7, 2009.  Make it a GREAT day.  It’s up to you.  If not today, when?  Here’s to our health – carpe diem, jungle jeff 🙂