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Reliable career mediocrity

Disneyland's Coke Corner special red and white lightbulb


Disneyland's Coke Corner special red and white lightbulb


Reliable career mediocrity.

Where you work determines the DNA of your business approach.

Mediocre gets as mediocre does. Excellence gets as excellence does.

An odd number of light bulb sockets presented a problem challenge for Disneyland. A creative Cast Member tried a remarkably inexpensive and creative idea. It worked.

You see it right?

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Life Transition (Dec 2014)

Boss to subordinate to quiet mediocrity

Boxes of iPhones


(photo: We can approach our day trying to maintain things or trying to become remarkable – which is what our customers want)

Boss: Do everything you’re supposed to do plus one or two projects that add great value to our department.

Subordinate: Hmm… Ok. Sounds good. (Then quietly thinks to herself, “So you’re saying do a ‘good’ job at my day job, and do one or two great things on the side?”)

What this tells the employee is that pursuing excellence, you know, being freaking remarkable at your day job, is not the main focus.

What if the ‘side-project’ was to become the main project?

All day.



A category of one.

Too high?

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Anyone Else Think Like This?

Are you on LinkedIn?

Mid Life Celebration book at Epcot
Interesting resumes do not happen magically


The most interesting thing about LinkedIn profiles is how good everybody looks on paper.

Seriously, have you ever spent 30 minutes and just read as many profiles as you can?

With rare exceptions they all sound like this:

I’m so smart, I’m so smart, I’m so smart.

It’s gutsy to put a resume out there that contradicts every piece of conventional resume writing protocol.

It’s also fun.

Better late than never?

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Freaks unite

Compliance and the comfort it provides

Mid Life Celebration at Epcot
The Circles of Life?


Stumbled upon this yesterday.

Telling a great story is what a brand does.

You can’t begin to tell a story without understanding why that story should matter to the people you want to serve.  – Bernadette Jiwa

Anyone who tries to please the mainstream deserves everything they get. – Hugh MacLeod

Life is not a dress rehearsal. Live like you mean it.

Why listen to America’s work life balance expert?

Because without balance there can be no peace.

Without peace, there can be no contentment.

Without contentment, there can be no peace.

The circle of life.

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Book Publishing

Only the mediocre are at their best everyday

X-Factor winners 2013
The X-Factor is something special, something that is not homogenized


Only the mediocre are at their best everyday.

If you want to be a writer, then write, uninhibited. And without fear.

When the pain of holding back is greater than anything else, you are on to something.

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