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Prolific has metrics

Miami Street Art on middle school
Last night at a Miami Middle School within the Street Art district.

Prolific has metrics.

Is the thing everywhere?

Is the thing in great abundance?

Two yesses equal prolific.

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No really

A completely non-traditional leadership metric

Lake Tahoe shore with Teddy Bear
Out for a run at high altitude lake front


Teddy Bear in Lake Tahoe Heavenly Ski Resort forest
living with no regrets is part of being a great leader


Heavenly Ski Resort gondola in Lake tahoe
Hiked up pretty high after visiting Lake Tahoe waterfront


A completely non-traditional leadership metric.

Living with zero regrets.

Sure it’s challenging, difficult, and maybe even impossible.

But imagine life without setting such a standard to reach.

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No really

Be Inspired By Success

You can’t improve what you do not measure. Period.

Monthly visits for past two months in the 60k-range. December will not see a 70k-range.

Jumped right to the 80k-range. Thank you for following. Be inspired by success, not jealous of it.

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