jeff noel’s Epiphany Moment

The odds of failure increase the higher you reach…

jeff noel’s epiphany moment came when I realized how much room there is for failure when you wait until the day of to write five new, fresh, original blog posts.

Here’s the blogging insight: Readers can’t comprehend (because they really don’t care) the creative effort, inspired energy, and passionate commitment it takes to do something no one else on the Internet is doing.

It takes many years to become an overnight success. Only those with a clear, concise and compelling vision will break through to the tipping point.

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WordPress Blogging Solution

Never get bored with life’s basics…

Does being organized and planning ahead make life easier or harder? Then why do so many people panic?

The WordPress Blogging Solution jeff noel chose was the easiest and most obvious – write and schedule posts to post ahead of time.┬áIn two weekends, jeff noel wrote all of March’s posts, totaling 155.

That was the moment the epiphany came…

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Haven’t Mentioned This Yet

What Exactly Is A Miracle?
What Exactly Is A Miracle?

You know what it feels like, right? That feeling when you’re on to something that used to feel absolutely impossible.

Ever been there?

If you remember, a month ago, I had a strong feeling that Mid Life Celebration, LLC monthly visits would bypass the 50,000-range? Well, intuition proved correct.

Monthly visits had been in the 40k’s, but jumped past 60,000 for October. To think a daily average over 2,000 website visits was possible, was, well, impossible.

Thank you for being part of that.

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