Boomers, are these two attributes possible in a noisy, distracting world?

      Mid Life Celebration is becoming the Baby Boomer’s foremost cultural movement. rethink • reprioritize • recommit Personal leadership is crucial for peace and contentment in a noisy, distracting world. We know this. Will we accept the challenge to transform with the movement, or will we continue to follow the herd? It is […]

Rarely are the lessons handed to us on a silver platter.

    In trying to help others, we cannot escape our own growth. Mid Life Celebration is a chip off of this old block – Walt Disney. For the past 8k posts, have avoided mentioning I work full time at Walt Disney World Resort – and have for three decades. Why remain silent? Don’t really […]

Weekly update number 3 from Mid Life Celebration

Dear readers, confession time. I’ve developed a daily addiction to love of writing. Even without readers like yourselves, I’d write anyway. However, the fact that you visit makes everyday, well, Thanksgiving day. Thank you. Can’t believe what started as a 100-day personal challenge to write in all five midlife celebration blogs (mind-body-spirit-work-home) every single day […]

Mid Life Celebration Summer Vacation & Strategy Planning

The Summer was tough on jeff noel. Taking a month-long vacation in July, which was cool because jeff had never done that before. But the tough part was strategizing the next 12 months for Mid Life Celebration, LLC. Tough because of so many ideas. Tough because of the economy. Tough because kids are only ten […]