What’s The Payoff For The Right Question (If I Have To Explain It To You You Won’t Understand)

Okay, I can’t let the risk of offending any of you smart people stop me from saying this, the risk doesn’t matter.

What matters isn’t the risk, what matters is what you stand to gain. The risk is obvious. The gain? Most haven’t spent enough time internalizing it to comprehend the epic revelation.

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Dear Son, The Thing About Business Creativity Is That You Have To Practice At It Like Anything Else In Life

Dear Son, the people who are the best at what they do got there by doing what others didn’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t, blah, blah, blah.

When your goal is important enough to be unselfish, and your desire to achieve it can be balanced with the rest of your life, then you will live in a place that relishes failure and sees it as the only true path to success.

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Cynic, Party Of One, Right This Way Please, Or, An Insider With The Truth Everyone Hides?

Dear Son, be very careful when you listen to or read what the gurus say and write. Look closely at their personal lives. Determine for yourself if they practice what they preach or if they are simply entertainers with exceptional salesmanship.

The great ones, full of integrity, are extraordinarily rare, because most gurus, sadly, are just trying to pay their bills.

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My Friend Says He Finally Figured Out Where Much Of His Career Tension Comes From

My friend claims he has something no one else on his team has. He said it’s so important, and unusual, yet it goes completely unrecognized, and instead, he claims, it actually is misinterpreted as a bad quality, thus causing unwanted tension. Maybe he’s wrong.

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The Good News About Doing The Hard Work That You’d Rather Not Do, Is That It Pays Off Eventually


While bravery and vision are critical leadership characteristics, patience is perhaps the most under rated. Get results. Fast.

Like diet and exercise. Like focused and disciplined study. Like daily prayer and meditation. Eventually, the tree of your labor blossoms and bears fruit. But not before it’s time. Ever.

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