Dear Son, When You Work For Someone, You Must Play By Their Rules, No Matter What

For example, this store in the Jacksonville airport…

Dear Son, I’ve had extraordinary foresight in knowing hope that working for a huge, world-class organization would pay off big time.

What I didn’t know in 1982 was that it would eventually provide a transformational career opportunity, unimaginable in my wildest dreams.

Every world renown organization has rules, guidelines, codes of conduct. It must. And you must act with the highest integrity to preserve them.

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Dear Son, Fear, Yes Fear, Has Kept Me From Telling Stories And Examples You Need To Know

So much insight has yet to be shared. I’m sorry I’ve been afraid to share it…

Dear Son, you’ve heard me preach about courage, and seen me do it everywhere but here at jungle jeff. July changes this. Carpe diem isn’t a slogan, it’s a battle cry! This is gonna be so cool. I can hardly wait.

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Dear Son, July Is Dedicated To Helping You Understand Some Stuff I Haven’t Talked About Before

Dear Son, July at Mid Life Celebration’s jungle jeff blog is dedicated to coming out of the closet so to speak. This is one of the most exciting things I’ve done with blogging

The part that makes it so exciting is that it’s intended solely for you, but it’s relevance has no boundary.

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Disney Best Practices In Their Busy Orlando Theme Parks Are Legendary As Seen In This 1983 Video

A Facebook update this morning shared a Disney Business Practices video from 1983. Be warned, it’s 10 minutes long. So only the Disneyphiles will probably want to click play.

Everyone gets this, yet reminders can be helpful: The opinion on all jeff noel and Mid Life Celebration blogs is strictly my own.

Can I Just Say One Thing?

Bet these two encountered some tough questions…

How many times have you been in a group meeting and you wanted to raise your hand and ask, “Can I just say one thing?”?

These jeff noel blogs can be as interactive as you want. Or not. It’s up to you.

I ain’t gonna beg for comments (because with 5 daily blogs, there’s plenty), but let me put myself out there, and say, if you:

  • Have a question, ask
  • Have a comment, write it
  • Want privacy, email

Unless I’m somewhere without a signal, I’ll respond in 24 hours*.

The tougher the question, the better. Tough questions often require tough answers. Okay?

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* exceptions to every rule, albeit rare