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Leaders Are Wrong

A Spoon Full of Sugar (Laughter) Helps the Medicine Go Down
A Spoon Full of Sugar (Laughter) Helps the Medicine Go Down

This post was inspired a minute ago by a comment I left on Mike Reardon’s Blog:

Leaders are wrong sometimes. Babe Ruth once held the home run record. He once, and maybe still does, held the strike out record too.

The bottom line, you have to make decisions, like which pitch looks like a good one, trust your intuition, and swing away.

The more mistakes you make, the more successful you’ll become.

Life, and leadership, is not a spectator sport.

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4 Truths About Overnight Success

This two-minute Pixar Story Trailer video will have four sound bite answers to the truth about overnight success.

If you are dreaming of breaking the mold in your life, and doing work that matters (more than you are doing now) this may feed your soul.

A very special thank you to Mike Reardon for finding this and sharing it on his blog.