From #GTEM to #GTEI

College lecture hall
Two days ago there was a chance to see today’s TEDx Talk practice venue.

Today’s TEDx Talk will flow like this:


Q. How many Books/articles? (4.7b)

Q. What are they saying? Meet. meet/exceed, exceed

When you exceed you create the “wow-factor”

To exceed (create the wow-factor) we should: Go The Extra _____!

Define Extra Mile: time/place (double lodge/20 yrs)

When recovering and when planning big, but when else?

What about when it’s not obvious to GTEM, day-to-day?

Stand up if you’ve never been asked to share why GTEM is flawed.

Pair, share one reason why GTEM is flawed.

Sit if your answer revolves around: time, $, resources, energy, new standard.

Harsh reality: 3 meals – satisfaction is dangerous. (Say it w/me)

Review: Exceeds = GTEM

  1. Flawed because of 5 reasons
  2. Satisfaction is dangerous

There’s more but this is as far as i got this morning at the hotel before heading over to the lecture hall.

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To make an exceptional contribution don’t go the extra mile

Trick photography?
How is it possible that the duck is swimming backwards and sideways


We are led to believe that to make an exceptional contribution we need to go the extra mile.

Do your little bit of good where you are. It’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world. – Desmond Tutu

The instructor yesterday shared that this is Disney’s secret in their Park and Resort operations. They ask every Cast member to go the extra inch instead of the extra mile.

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PS. The duck is standing on a waterfall ledge in inch-deep water.