Measure versus matter

Turned on Grammarly at the tail end of the tally period. For a whole week only 7 words were recorded. This result is better than 14% of other Grammarly users.

Not everything that can be measured matters.

Not everything that matters can be measured.

Because of my insider position, since 1999, in the improvement industry, it is easy to testify about the prevailing, perverse, and utterly misleading (read lying) information that gurus and wanna-be’s peddle to make a living.

Even at Disney Institute, the insider joke was and still is, “Never let a good story get in the way of the truth.”

By the way, i taught at Disney Institute from 1999-2014. That’s a heck of a run.

i made it, and continue to make it, my personal mission to never let a false or misleading story to ever be told. Ever. For any reason. Period.



If the shoe fits.

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The harsh reality of crushing it

Screen shot of marketing scam
Yesterday’s screen shot of a marketing scam.


In the screen shot message above, i can tell you as a highly paid motivational speaker, you are not going to be able to do this fast. Anyone promising fast results is someone you should avoid.

Our social media outlets portray a super savvy entrepreneur who is crushing it.


Behind closed doors it’s more like we are getting crushed.

Shhh, don’t tell anyone.

Here’s the issue. Everyone is trying to follow the recipes and formulas the gurus promise will lead to your quick, amazing results.

For every successful entrepreneur who’s cut the corporate cord and is going after the “work-from-home-Internet-based-startup” business, there are hundreds, maybe more, that live in this “getting crushed”world.

What’s missing from the  guru’s advice?

The truth.

And the truth is, there is no special formula. If there was, everyone would become “amazingly successful”. Quickly.

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As our patience grows in our impatient world, we become better leaders

Child's art poster celebrating diversity
Cultural or rank differences do not make us different


As our patience grows in our impatient world, we become better leaders.

In a world touting fierce, fiery, impatient leaders (think Hell’s Kitchen), we are perversely led to believe that this behavior is gutsy and commanding.

Commanding yes. Gutsy, no.

What’s gutsy is laying down our weapons (bossiness, position power, fear), and using love.

Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr, Mother Teresa, The Dalai Lama.

We may never understand this.

Lack of understanding never diminishes it’s secret power.

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