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Who Has The Coolest Job?

Does Your Job Give You Butterflies?
Does Your Job Give You Butterflies?

Yesterday, asking, “Does the thought of heading into your day today give you butterflies?”, it created a reflective moment.

And perhaps it’s one of those elusive gifts we can not catch or we unconsciously avoid.

If you were in a crowd and someone asked, “Who here has the coolest job in the world?“, would you raise your hand?

PS. Easiest and coolest are usually diametrically opposed.

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Could This Change Your Life?

There’s Not 1 Person Who Doesn’t Know

It's A Beautiful Day
It's A Beautiful Day

Some of my friends work in healthcare. You have friends who do too.

My Family has been in and out of hospitals many times. You and your Family have too.

There’s this one particular hospital, say 1,000+ employees. They have a vision/mission like every other company.

There’s not one person who doesn’t know what it is.


What does it take for that to happen within an organization, of any size, in any industry?

Fight The Battle, Not The Plan

The Fight Of Your Life
The Fight Of Your Life

“Fight the battle not the plan. The plan goes out the window after the first shot….oh and by the way, the enemy (whatever or whomever that may be) has a vote in the outcome of the battle.”   — Skip Gaskill

Whether it’s fighting to regain your health, or regain your market share, you are in for the fight of your life, for the rest of your life.  Good luck.

PS.  A special thank you to Skip Gaskill for his contribution to today’s jungle jeff blog post. Skip simply left a comment a few days ago that was so powerful, it needed to be shared.

PSS. These are unprecedented times.  Traditional thinking and game plans are not feasible. It is not my place to offer advice.  Only to challenge you to discover your own.

Old School, Got Dreams?

Got Dreams?
Got Dreams?

“You’ve been thinking like an adult since you were a kid”, she said in response to a story I had shared from my youth.

Told her about wanting to be a Physical Education teacher to help make people healthier, and help make the world a better place. I was in 8th Grade.

So here we are 37 years later, back on the mission to help make the world a healthier place.

Got dreams?

Leaders Focus On Culture

Of the things a leader can spend time doing, maintaining, growing and reinforcing corporate culture should be on the short list of critical success factors.

Can you imagine trying to be world-class with an average corporate culture?

Can you imagine a team of highly energized, focused, and driven professionals in an average corporate culture?

What would happen if a great organization took it’s corporate culture for granted?

What would happen to a good (not great) organization that elevated it’s corporate culture?

The other day, I went outside my Hotel for a breath of fresh air. During a ten minute break to take a walk, I shot a half dozen “one-take-You Tube videos”.

Most of them were about culture.  You can observe a lot by watching:

Maybe you are all set with your corporate culture. Maybe you have a great personal culture for you and your family. You do focus these business applications to your personal life, right?