Money Quadrant

Money Quadrant.  It’s one of the big four.

Big four?  Yep.

Life has four quadrants.  Money is one of them.

Teaching our son to be mindful of the choices he makes because choices frame our contribution to society.

Our contribution to society frames our paycheck.

Our paycheck frames up a lot of other things.  Money quadrant.  Ya with me?

Carpe diem, jungle jeff 🙂

This Blog Is For My Son

This blog is for my son. Since it’s inception, it has always been for my son.  Period.

People who know me well, are crystal clear that I do things purposefully.

And when it looks like the path I’m walking is leading away from where we’re headed, it’s only because heading away is the best path at the moment.

jungle jeff’s focus has always been on what I call the money quadrant.

Money is one of life’s big choices.  There are only four big life choices.

More tomorrow.  Meanwhile, carpe diem, jungle jeff :)