Worth noting

No divas, no heros, all teamwork for a common goal.

Worth noting these things that don’t fit on a simple one-page business contract:

  • 9-hour days include one-hour lunch and one-hour admin time
  • a scribe is welcome in every meeting, i take notes only for me
  • you will schedule rooms, times, people, scribe, flip charts, notepads, pens, and any other admin activities you see fit
  • creative and fun collaboration between your entire organization and me is crucial to progress
  • an expectations document needs to be drafted and approved on both sides, before work begins…this is my contribution to it,
  • new structure and processes for BTL 2.0 are required
  • communication expectations between you and me are perhaps key
  • bonus eligibility (paid January 2021) up to 100% of original contract fee

•  •  •  •  •

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Pretty sure this ain’t emphasized in business school

Game Changer t-shirt


(photo: MBA = managing business administration… it gets real when it’s yours, not someone else’s.)

First rule of negotiation.

Be able and willing to walk away from every opportunity.

Not being able to walk away cripples your soul.

Pretty sure this ain’t emphasized in business school enough to be the first rule of negotiation. It’s covered, but not emphatically driven home.

It gets real when your MBA is your business administration, not a piece of paper and resume booster.

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