Get Used To Getting Turned Down?

The Seats Are Empty Now, But...
The Seats Are Empty Now, But...

Ever heard this one? You can not be a prophet in your hometown.

Or this one? Most breakthroughs come from ordinary people whom everyone else thought was crazy or off-center.

And the kicker? They never gave up, and that’s why they’re successful.

Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield, Chicken Soup For The Soul co-authors, got turned down by 144 publishers.

Ready to give up? Already given up?

Fighting a hard battle for what you believe in?

Get used to getting turned down.

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They Make It Look Easy

I Took This Last Week
I Took This Last Week

People who are really good (but not perfect) at what they do got that way because of one thing.

They never gave up.

I’m reminded of this every time I feel like I’m hanging on by a thread, a small blessing comes my way, allowing the journey to continue.

The road to excellence has no finish line. Is hanging on, or giving up, your first thought when faced with adversity?

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