Sorry, we are just really, really busy

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What is the traditional side effect from our prosperity?

Sorry, we are just really, really busy. This is a traditional side effect to prosperity.

And in our prosperity, we have the opportunity to savor it or rush headlong in the pursuit of more.

A 25-day notice. A patient, eight day wait until his leader announced it to the team.

But last night the email announcement finally allows for some personal choices on how the future retiree will share his news with people he cares about.

It will be fun to read this in 100 days and look back on this prosperity.

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An unlikely mantra for today’s great leaders

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A long journey always requires the first step at the beginning.


An unlikely mantra for today’s great leaders.

If anyone said anything bad about you, no one would believe it.

If our goal isn’t impossible, we’re not reaching high enough.

Yesterday my friend Nuwanda asked his boss’s boss for help in confirming there would be no conflict of interest – not even the slightest.

One of many, many small steps to reach a decades-old dream.

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Thinking differently, and inspiring others to, is Nuwanda’s full time job

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Thinking differently, and inspiring others to, is a full time job for some


Resurrecting Nuwanda?

She (or he) works on a great, high performing team.

A few key metrics indicate effectiveness at what the team does.

Nuwanda, on the customer service metric, delivers double-digit increases in the overall team average score.

Over 60% higher in one category.

Increases of 30, 40, and 50% in every other category except one, in which the increase is a mere 11%.

Thinking differently remains a mere theory for most.

Yet changes everything for those that lead with it.

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Dear Nuwanda, please tell us how you really feel about the accusations

2009 Masters World Championships view of track from ski jump tower
2009 Masters World Championships (an intimate understanding about world class)


A fictional (probably) story that could happen, or is happening now, in any company, anywhere in the world…

Dear fearless new leader, welcome back as our company’s alpha dog. You’ve come a long way in the decade you’ve been gone. Extraordinarily impressive. Congratulations.

Those antiquated astonishing things we’re still doing that have you shaking your head and asking, “What the?“, yeah, me too.

Then there’s the issue of why are our employees still doing the same things the same way?

That’s a great question for your leadership council, coincidentally with the same leader at the top since you left.

One can’t help but wonder why our leadership (for the past decade) isn’t apologizing for allowing it to happen and for falsely thinking we can’t change.

This is were we are embarrassed (and sad) for them.

Please don’t tolerate insidious innuendoes about inabilities.

Please build up your team so they can build up the front line.

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Nuwanda, remember him? Or is he a she? Doesn’t matter.

Nuwanda Chronicles
follow where the path leads… or not (and remember, life is not a dress rehearsal)


Nuwanda, remember him? Or is he a she? Doesn’t matter. Nuwanda is a character here at jungle jeff. Nuwanda once received an astonishingly excellent annual work review:

No one works harder, thinks deeper, cares more, or reaches higher than Nuwanda. In a cookie-cutter world, Nuwanda is a craftsman.

This quote arrived minutes ago and supports the notion small acts – which seem insignificant to us as we do them – are truly the only way to build your life’s cathedral.

Put your heart, mind, intellect, and soul even to your smallest acts. This is the secret of success. – Swami Sivananda Saraswati

I know you are busy. That is likely to never change.

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