Apple Country?

Apple Store 5th Avenue
Apple Country?


Apple Store 5th Ave and jeff noel
Was surprised to find Apple Store 5th Avenue open before 9am


Here’s to the misfits.

The crazy ones.

The ones who change things.

Be well and remain amazed.

Be freakin’ remarkable today.

There’s a ton of people looking for someone like that in their lives.

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It’s all good – the location and the work

NYC Midtown Tunnel
NYC Midtown Tunnel


Should be seeing the NYC skyline soon. Been in the cab 40 minutes so far.

Heading to Times Square.

To do work that matters.

Just entered midtown tunnel.

Figuring Mannhatten is at the other end.

Pretty exciting actually.

Sure, the location, but more importantly, the work that gets to be performed.

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