Does your company suffer from Organizational obesity?

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Does your company suffer from Organizational obesity?

Poor habits, among other things, cause metaphorical organizational obesity.

The opposite of organizational vibrancy.

Would you allow someone who doesn’t care what you know the opportunity to rattle your cage and create a catalyst for you to think differently?

Would you welcome it? Pay top dollar for it? Look forward to it?

Would you?

Obesity won’t go away by itself.


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Dang, I’m A Busy Man!

Ever feel like your life couldn’t get any busier? The United States suffers from an obesity epidemic. Agreed?

There’s another epidemic. It’s our time-starved society. The tough economy has made it even worse. We see it everywhere we look.

And then, to watch the CMA’s last night and hearing George Strait’s song, I immediately thought of this one, from Billy Ray Cyrus, entitled “Busy Man“. Maybe it will give you the courage or creativity you are looking for today.

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Childhood Obesity


Why do bars and pubs stop serving customers when they are drunk, but Quick Service Restaurants continue to serve obese people?

Leadership excellence starts with the person dressing you each day.

Why are our Nation’s children obese?

Plain and simple.  Ineffective leadership.

How do we expect kids to be healthy if we aren’t.