If you really want to change your culture

Disney Keynote Speaker
Positive reinforcement for audience particiption.


Disney Keynote Speakers
i remember when i began using the reference to MLK’s “I have a dream.” vs i have a strategic plan. Nice to see it’s continued to be a valuable insight for our Disney Institute culture.



If you really want to change your culture, you have to really want to change your culture.

At Disney, you can never be rude to a Guest.


You have to be nice 100% of the time.

Essentially, you can never deviate.

There’s never a time when you can not be nice.


It’s obsessive.

And it differentiates our brand against other world-class service providers.

Fifteen years ago when our Son was 3, the daycare changed their pickup policy and began requiring parents to remain in the car.

Gone was the daily hug we’d do at the day care door.

And, not only did you wait in your car, but you were expected to not get out.

They placed your child in the car seat and off you go.

i asked a Disney institute colleague about a creative solution. By the way, Joel is gay and i asked him for parenting advice.


He sees things others will never see.

Joel suggested i drive away, find a safe place, pull over, get out, do our hug, get back in the car and drive home.

Yesterday at High School the almost 18-year old and the almost 59-year-old hugged before getting in the car.

They (we) haven’t missed a day since 2005.




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This Disney photo explains why jungle jeff is so obsessed with certain things

Walt Disney World Resort Trash cans
Serious (obsessive) effort and detail for a simple trash receptacle, no?


The companies that have the longest term employee and customer loyalty – like Disney and Apple – earn that admirable reputation because of their focus and discipline on the smallest details.

It’s baked into their hardware (like trash cans) and manifested in their software – their insanely helpful employees.

It’s rare, hence valuable.

The recipe is simple.

Be nice to everyone, all the time.

And the unspoken part is this – whether they feel like it or not.

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