CEO, CIO, CFO, CTO, EVP, Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, Technology, HR, Front Line, Customer Service, Strategist, Planner, Board of Director, Spokesperson, Legal, Accounting, Student, Ambassador, Creative Department, R&D, OD, Social Director, Succession Planner, Tribe Leader. There, that should about cover all the stuff you are responsible for when you are a small business entrepreneur. Any […]

Bet You Have It Too

Passion.  Bet you have a ton of passion. Maybe you’re in a job where your passion thrives. Maybe you’re not. Does passion make for a better worker? Do you do your best work around something you’re passionate about? How many leaders are in positions that got them a better title, a better paycheck, better meetings, […]

Leaders Focus On Culture

Of the things a leader can spend time doing, maintaining, growing and reinforcing corporate culture should be on the short list of critical success factors. Can you imagine trying to be world-class with an average corporate culture? Can you imagine a team of highly energized, focused, and driven professionals in an average corporate culture? What […]

Money, Money, Money….Money

“Money, Money, Money….Money“.  The O’Jays, 1974, For The Love of Money. I want to make a ton of money.  Seriously.  Enough to buy whatever I want. First on my list: A Cure for Crohn’s disease To take action, – to “put my money where my mouth is” – I’ve returned to school to earn my […]