Intentionally use phrases, words, and icons to create your culture

Disney University Wall
Photo from Facebook.


One of the most important things Disney does to preserve and enhance it’s corporate culture is to intentionally use phrases, words, and icons to create mental images. The daily, over managed repetition creates a powerful emotional connection with Cast Members.

The culture becomes something worth defending.

Imagine your culture being like that.

Can you?

i can.

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From Little Lake Bryan to Mickey’s Retreat

Disney's Mickey's Retreat
Yesterday, a side trip after the Podiatrist visit.


Disney's Mickey's Retreat


Let’s pretend you own land close to your main business and you convert this property, which includes a private lake, into an employee recreational complex.

You name this complex, Little Lake Bryan, after the official name of the lake.

Years later you rename it.


Because the words we use are one of several key ways to intentionally shape an organizational culture by design instead of letting culture happen ‘by default”, or unintentionally.

If Disney ran your business they’d change the name of your employee recreation facility from Little Lake Bryan to Mickey’s Retreat.

Much more powerful. Intentional. Meaningful.

By design.

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