Be observant for open doors (or windows)

This brand new bedroom window does not stay open.

Be observant for open doors (or windows) (or any opportunity that opens).

Generally, we reap what we sow.

Sow observation.

Make it a habit.

Like brushing your teeth, using please and thank you, and fastening your car seat belt.

No thought whatsoever.

Great habits yield great results the same way poor happens yield poor results.

Even with limited intelligence a person can easily do the math on this proposition.

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Blind Spot

Even Their Blind Spots
Even Their Blind Spots

We all have blind spots. You know, stuff everyone else can easily see about us that we are clueless to.

As a professional speaker, the classic example is the keynote speaker who says, “Um” so many times in their speech that you start counting, just to see what a ridiculously high number it will be.

Last night, a consultant I’ve been traveling with said, “You know what I’ve noticed about you?  You’ll talk to anyone.”

Blind spots are almost always stereotyped as negative.  Guess that’s a big blind spot for all of us.