Neglect gets expensive over time

Organizational culture is like personal health…it gets expensive to restore if you neglect it too long. You know what the real challenge is? We get so used to accepting that our organizational health is less than vibrant that we eventually stop being motivated to do anything to change it. And this gradually makes our culture more […]

Don’t make it too hard for your employees

  Insight from 30 years inside Disney… Don’t make it too hard for your employees. The easier you make expected employee behaviors, the more likely they are to become organizational habit.   •  •  •  •  • This website is about our WORK. To ponder today’s post about our HQ, click here. If you want to stay on […]

No one wants to hear this

  No one wants to do the deep thinking and have the heavy discussions about building or maintaining an infrastructure. Why? Because it’s too much work, especially the implementation and change (transformation) part. So we wait and do nothing – the twin siblings of diseased organizational culture. Think for a moment about trying to change a culture […]

An example of Disney’s world famous intentionality

  Tomorrow (as this goes live) is the one year anniversary of my last day at Disney. Today (as this is written, July 30) is the drive to Jacksonville, Florida to compete in the 2015 Masters Track & Field National Championships. Personal leadership is no different than organizational leadership. This video link is for posterity. […]