Does your company suffer from Organizational obesity?

  Does your company suffer from Organizational obesity? Poor habits, among other things, cause metaphorical organizational obesity. The opposite of organizational vibrancy. Would you allow someone who doesn’t care what you know the opportunity to rattle your cage and create a catalyst for you to think differently? Would you welcome it? Pay top dollar for […]

Organizational vibrancy is this simple and this hard

  (photo: Open for Organizational Transformation?) Organizational vibrancy is this simple: Do you work in an organization that has employees serving customers? Do you rely on customer satisfaction to drive their intent to recommend and return? Do you live and die on the belief that customer and employee loyalty is the key to your financial success? Do you have […]

Christmas Gift for You

Do you celebrate anything this time of year? Some do and some don’t. No worries. Today’s post is the conclusion from yesterday’s promise to reveal an important truth. Discovering it is like receiving a very special gift. Spirituality is simply one of many diversity layers we should all respect, appreciate, value and encourage. One Christmas […]

Number One Thing to Do

First of all, thanks for coming back. Can you believe today is Christmas eve? Do you already now what I’m going to say? It’s simple. Deceptively simple. The number one thing to do is to create a compelling vision.  Period. Compelling. Not long winded. Not fancy. No big words. It must also be impossible.  And […]