You are never tested and tempted to make excuses

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The list of flaws is long…this is just the tip of the iceberg.


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Being on the road reminds me of how important habits are.

You are never tested and tempted to make excuses like you are when you travel – everything about your routine is out of synch.

You’re living in a hotel room.

No kitchen, no car (probably), travel fatigue, weather changes, limited to resources that fit in your travel bag(s), etc.

The interesting thing as i observe people and organizations as a profession is that habits drive everything we do.

We have the power to change habits, but we almost always make excuses for why we can’t change.

To which a brilliant piece of wisdom emerges automatically:

Can’t and won’t are not synonymous.


i can’t change.

i won’t change.

Those two are not the same.


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