jeff noel’s Daily Burden

jeff noel, me, has the daily burden (privilege/obligation) of writing five daily, differently-themed blog posts before heading out the door.

March is “Put Up or Shut Up” month at Mid Life Celebration – the Internet start-up I founded a few years back.

March is a heavy travel month. So a need, and then an epiphany appeared. And after 23 months of writing the same way…I’ll tell you tomorrow.

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When We Get Older

When we get older we confuse boredom with hunger. We’re bored, so we eat.

In our youth, it’s reversed – we confuse hunger with boredom.

In the first, we drift so far away from our best, we can’t recall the last time we were great.

In the latter, we are so hungry to do something great, but lack confidence and skill. So we get bored being ordinary and blending in, quit, and take our place in the line labeled mediocre.

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In Doing The Math

There’s no need for these. No bull here…

How many times in your life have you been ready to quit, when in doing the math, you realized you were so close to being done that you were ashamed to admit it? Overjoyed by your discovery. But really quite embarrassed.

Unlike many speakers, I literally speak 5 days a week, week in, week out. Those recent comments about “demonstrating world class platform skills” got me thinking why?

Now I know….tomorrow….

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