Some leadership blog posts are driven by random events

impromptu speaking skills
“make the hospital want to need you” (captured from a guest speaker)

Some leadership blog posts are driven by random events, like from the email I described yesterday from a Mid Life Celebration community member.

1. engage an audience with activity
2. humor is great
3. conflict is great
4. tell personal stories
5. overcoming adversity is what we all want and need

While it may seem insignificant, this simple but profound list is actually another way to convince (cement) myself that being non-conforming is better than conforming. Playing it safe on-stage is dangerous to an audience’s health.

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Photo: wrote down something a guest speaker said to describe how they want their vendor to act (May 2012)

Tell Me It’s Impossible

The very first video on You Tube. Six years old this month.

It’s these kinds of modern day, virually spread ideas that redefine everything.

No one knows what’s possible. We used to think we knew, but no longer.

Like some yahoo writing 5 daily, differently themed blogs, revolving around Life’s Big Choices.

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World Class Orlando Professional Speakers

Practice, repetition, and these tips lead to excellence…

What does it take to become a world class Orlando Professional Speaker?

The same thing it takes to be world class in anything:

  • An unwavering commitment
  • A purpose bigger than yourself
  • A clear, concise and compelling vision
  • The willingness to take risks the others won’t
  • Fall down 7, get up 8

The more you practice, the better you become. Twelve years of professional speaking has equipped me with world class platform skills. The content, well, 3500+ jeff noel blog posts sort of speaks for itself.

Got passion?

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