Back To The Books

Rich Dad Poor Dad. Here is the life-changing take-away: When you work for someone else, you: Earn Pay Taxes Spend When you work for yourself, you: Earn Spend Pay Taxes I ain’t the brightest bulb in the box, but I get this. It took a lifetime, and a great book, but I get it now. […]

Two Days Ago

Two days ago you saw the post about someone I know who got a separation package. He saw it coming and started a business in advance of the separation. Remember? What I didn’t mention then, but must now, his chances for survival after five years are as good as all the others starting a business. […]

Gain Knowledge in Amazing Places

Knowledge. Wow!  Some say, “Knowledge is power“.  Ever heard that phrase? Next question, “Do you believe it’s true”? I do, mostly.  However, just knowing is not enough for me. And by the way, you can gain knowledge at parties, the Internet, and simply through experience. Way more important though, is applying the knowledge.  Ya with […]