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This is a personal blog about our career.

Written by jeff noel every single day since April Fools Day 2009.

Here the theme revolves around being remarkable, being generous, creating art, and doing work that matters.

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Most people are going through the motions.



Is your culture by design or by default?

When your leaders ask a subordinate, “Can you come see me in my office?”, as the employee walks down the hall are they thinking, “This must be about ‘Employee of the Year’ again.”?


.lead .differently



Orando's Best Disney Keynote Speakers


jeff noel is an Orlando Based Disney Keynote Speaker.

One million+ people globally while working at Disney Institute.

The Walt Disney Lifetime Achievement Award (twice).


Fortune 500’s • Healthcare • Education • Banking • Automotive • Sports • Retail • Manufacturing • Associations • etc


The perfect opening or closing keynote should challenge your audience in a powerful, clear, concise, and compelling way.


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If you’ve ever made excuses that have cost you, and have caused you deep regret

Facebook Fan Page under-developed marketing
How do we feel when we are asked to do something and the only reason is because it will benefit someone else?


under-developed marketing often is the only standard many know (and use)
Would even a small amount of backstory, or description help us understand why we should act?


If you’ve ever made excuses that have cost you, and have caused you deep regret, and yet you still hold onto hope that it’s not over yet, and if you have been searching for a long time for the permission to change – to act differently than in your past life…

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PS. Excuses, regrets, opportunity, and permission? Story of my life.

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Midlife Celebration’s jeff noel Often Pushes Humility Aside Because He’s VP Of Marketing

Jesus was the ultimate humble marketer

Midlife Celebration’s jeff noel often pushes humility aside because he’s VP of marketing. Marketing is designed to sell more stuff, to more people, more often. It’s that simple. And Google loves “more”. It’s how Google factors page rank. Who doesn’t want to be on Google’s front page?

Note: Posts like this one, full of my name and other important keywords, will be fading away. Just part of experimentation and the desire to continuously improve.

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jungle jeff noel And The Art Of Internet Real Estate

jeff noel & Ellen are both funny people who feel obligated to push the envelope

Sure, jungle jeff noel knows a lot about social media with decent numbers of blog visits (1mil+ annually), You Tube views (45k), Twitter followers (5k+). Google page rank (#1) and other search engine optimization too. He voluntarily stepped down from blogging professionally, before a corporate social media policy was even created. He trusted his intuition.

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