The leadership paradox is irrefutable

    Rigid or clear? Unreasonable or fair? Alone or collaboration? Wishing or planning? Uncommitted or committed. Failure or triumph? Uncertain or certain? Timid or brave? Clear, concise, and compelling vision? Fear or confidence. Status quo or transformation? Unintentional or intentional? Wait or go? Safe or Risky?   •  •  •  •  • This website is about […]

Who recommends their stiffest competition?

    Did i mention that one of the “management consulting” firms was  a recommendation? My other recommendation was Disney Institute. They have not contacted Disney Institute because they already understand their pricing. This makes me smile. Who recommends their stiffest competition? Probably no one. .think .differently   __________   On April Fool’s Day 2009, […]

Without any sales experience, without having a passion for sales

  Is there a way to become a salesperson, without having any sales experience, and without having a passion for sales? And if the answer is yes to both, is it possible to rewrite how to sell? Cultural transformation to move from decently surviving to abundantly thriving revolves around which of the two questions we […]