Am I The Only One?

Most leaders (and parents) struggle to be authentic enough to inspire

World Showcase Japan outdoor dining
Teens (right w/chopsticks) and people in general are starving for great leadership


Parent to child is like leader to direct report.

At it’s best it is honesty and trust – with no exceptions.

It is in being willing to fight (to the ‘death’, if necessary) for this relationship – at any cost.

It is fearlessly taking the lead.


To teach.


To grow more leaders.

Better leaders.

Even better than ourselves.

That’s what helped us, right?

How would we not spend our lives repaying the debt of gratitude?

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No really

What is the ultimate leadership test ever invented?

life's purpose
the physiological goal in life is reproduction


What is the ultimate leadership test ever invented? Parenting. Why? Because everything we’ve learned is our responsibility to teach and develop in our child(ren). Without a child, who does an adult teach this too?

Without the passing on of our deepest convictions, most noble aspirations, and biggest mistakes, a person is likely to leave cards on the table, in the game called life.

If we are not, or never will be a parent, this may be difficult to comprehend. We still love you. Unconditionally.

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