Luckiest generation

The paint is not yet dry on how digital natives will thrive in the workforce.

Which generation is the luckiest?

My breakfast partner yesterday suggests it’s people like me and him.

We were the last generation to grow up as teens without the internet.

And, we were at an adult age where we “grew up” with early internet because of our jobs.

We grew up with nothing digital.

We are growing older with everything digital.

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Parenting is the ultimate leadership test

Talaboman song
Screen shot to help me remember this song. There’s an Apple Music radio station called “Chill” and all the songs are this genre. Great thinking and writing music. PS. If you click the song link, don’t watch the video – the video is irrelevant and actually distracts from the music.


Apparently, not many parents let their children follow their truth….

So here’s an email excerpt from a teacher, in the past 48 hours:


I just wanted to say that that is truly a blessing and warms my heart. I love when I hear/see parents who support their kids no matter who they love, what they choose to major in, what they want to be when they’re older, their hobbies, how they dress, etc. Thank you for being the type of parent who shows this unconditional love. Your child expressed that it is such a relief for him to not have to deal with these issues as he knows many others do.


Excerpt from my reply:


As a writer, speaker, executive coach and business advisor (said with humility), it’s my job to pay attention – to perceive what words never say, and look for clues that can lead to new and different actions that then lead to breakthroughs – and create remarkable (and formally impossible) changes that make our world a better place.


Leaders and parents make stereotypical mistakes – not developing their direct reports (children).

Listen, tell stories, ask questions, encourage, support, provide positive and critical feedback and all of this needs to be done in a loving fashion.

No one cares how much you know if they think you don’t care.


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Are the best leaders also the best parents?

Personal values list
Our instructor, a seasoned attorney, carries a $100 bill and tells people when riding elevators he’ll give it to them if they can share their personal values before the door opens. He’s never given away the $100. He would have yesterday if he had tested the audience.


Empathy is often regarded as one of the top leadership qualities differentiating great leaders from good leaders.

And there’s talk about some adults being too busy to be effective parents, that is, too busy to generously demonstrate empathy.

This is why i insist great leaders differentiate themselves with:

  1. clear, concise, compelling vision
  2. enhancing employee involvement by moving past training, to development, to foster commitment (versus compliance)
  3. putting structure and process in place to have absolute clarity on accountability for priorities and balance
  4. demonstrating the most commitment on your team, and if there was a private vote, you’d be unanimously selected

Makes perfect sense.

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PS. The 5 personal values i’ve been teaching our son since he could talk:

  1. Honesty
  2. Behave admirably
  3. Personal Responsibility
  4. Self-control
  5. Initiative

We worked on honesty (trust) from day one. Behaving admirably was introduced with the advent of sleepovers. Personal responsibility added during elementary school. Self-control added during adolescence. And initiative was added last year as a High Schooler. Next up is fun – probably add that tonight.




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