What’s a party without friends?

Yesterday. Videos games, card games, outdoor games, and spirited conversation.

What’s a party without friends?

Games of all sorts.

Conversation, serious and non-sensical.


Wee hours of the night/morning.

Crash pad.

No worries.

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Disney retirement party photo montage for Mid Life Celebration

Orlando's Best Keynote Speaker jeff noel


(photo above: The first to arrive)


Orlando's Best Keynote Speaker jeff noel


(photo above: jungle jeff was the very first role at Walt Disney World in 1982)


Orlando's Best Keynote Speakers


(photo above: The Napa Room had intentional significance… view of Magic Kingdom, his first work location)


Orlando's Best Keynote Speakers


(photo above: view from adjacent observation deck… Disney’s Flagship Resort and six of his 30 years from two ‘tours of duty’)


Orlando's Best Keynote Speakers


(photo above: just beyond Bay Lake Tower, his home. To the right and out of the photo, River Country Water Park, his first role when he returned permanently in 1984)

The retirement party was originally booked for Disney’s ESPN Wide World of Sports complex. His team welcomed and supported the change to the Napa Room.

On so many levels, it made perfect sense.

We survive or we thrive.

Being intentional is the key to thriving.

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Six years in the making yet last minute details exist

Retirement Party Invitation


(photo: Please note the location of the retirement party)

If you could have a Disney retirement party, what venue?

While it has been six years in the making, the actual final day has been determined rather quickly. This means logistically, choices have to be made and on short notice, it’s challenging to get your first choice.

However, because of dedicated people who make Magic everyday, the event will be at the first choice location.

Hat tip to WG.

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Overcoming Addiction

Overcoming Addiction.

Disney has taught me to analyze my leadership values.  And more than that, to analyze my leadership behaviors.

Funny thing is, my values and my behaviors were contradictory.

The other funny thing, I was clueless.  Seriously clueless.  The origin of the phrase blind spot comes from the fact that everyone can see it but one person – they have a blind spot.

Plus, everyone else is chicken to say anything, because confrontation is uncomfortable, and many times, ugly.

Who wants that?  Who needs that?  Not me.  Not you.  No one is lining up for that kind of stress.

So I confronted myself.  It was not ugly, but is was uncomfortable.  And then it was impossible.  I had suspected it for years, but only casually, because the truth would mean I had dramatic life-altering changes to make.

I’ll tell you more tomorrow, or maybe later this week.  We’ll see.  For now though, carpe diem, jungle jeff 🙂