The less we have to worry about, the more we can worry about

Depositing business check at bank.
UPS delivered as promised by 10:30am yesterday.


i dislike talking about money. i dislike worrying about it too.

The check arrived from Canada, as promised, in advance of the keynote speech.

Without worrying about getting paid in a timely manner, i can “worry” (concentrate) on being the highlight of the customer service conference.




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Don’t hold your breath

Lee Cockerell Disney Executive Speaker
Even from the back of the room, Lee Cockerell reminds you of Walt Disney.


The first Mid Life Celebration, LLC keynote speaking check should arrive today. The client had wanted Lee Cockerell, but he wasn’t available. Guess who Lee’s first choice was to recommend?

What is invisible is that Mid Life Celebration actually went first in generously recommending. A couple months before retiring, a Canadian company called Mid Life Celebration to see about a speaking opportunity.

Because the date was before official retirement, i declined. Naturally, i gave my highest recommendation to contact Lee.

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