Revolve everything around your perfect client

Sales tips
Stumbled upon these sales tips from LinkedIn two days ago. Focusing on #2 & 5.


Revolve everything around your perfect client.

Common sense, not common practice…this becomes your brand.

  • Consistency across the entire organization.
  • Inspired, enthusiastic employees.
  • Quick, scalable problem-solving synergy, strategies and tactics.
  • Capable leadership who can make decisions without seeking approval first.
  • Margin, or breathing room, in your busy schedule – to create unencumbered time to think, dream, inspire and strategize.
  • Financial growth that feeds itself.
  • Organizational vibrancy.
  • A place where people are proud to tell others they work there.
  • A place where mediocrity can’t breath. Ever.
  • Recognized as a category of one.
  • Admired, respected,  trusted by your customers & employees.

Focus. Hone. Repeat.


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