Is it idiotic to put yourself out there as an easy target for the dart throwers?

As boundary-pushers and other professional antagonists fully understand, we become a target for all the career naysayers and folks living in mediocrity-ville. When you least expect it, a voice in the night will tell you, “It’s not who you are. It’s not what you do. It’s not what you have. It’s only about who you […]


Determination. Perseverance. Dreams. Everybody talks about how important perseverance is.  It’s no secret that without big dreams, determination, and steady, committed effort, leaders are doomed to mediocrity. But when was the last time you told the story of your own success through perseverance? And how about the time before that? And the one before that one? […]

Cautious Loyalty?

Has it ever crossed your mind? Loyalty. Organizational loyalty. The loyalty you show. The loyalty you receive. And even if, for what ever reason, you question your current loyalty, where else would you go to find it? Catch 22, isn’t it? Here’s a provocative perspective from a business contact from LinkedIn. Click here to read David Noer’s […]