Do Not Collect

What Time Is It?

For many, including me, the traditional work day is over. That’s what time it is. Quitting time.

Did you give 110% today, even though it was Friday and you no doubt had a very long, trying week?

If you do not love what you do, you most likely didn’t give 100%, let alone anything extra.

What time is it?

Time for your employer to find your replacement?

Do Not Pass Go

Are You Personally Accountable?

Consequence Or Advantage?
Consequence Or Advantage?

Intuitively, or maybe stereotypically, accountability is thought of as a consequence.

Counter-intuitively, accountability should be thought of as your competitive advantage.

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Could This Change Your Life? What Are You Waiting For?

Do You Know Who You Are?

This Takes You To A Special Place
This Takes You To A Special Place

As you rush through your insane busy days, do you take make time to pause and ground your thoughts and actions with your core being?

We see it in others every single day.

But we can’t see it in ourselves.

I cannot recall the last time, if ever, I’ve provided a link to this blog. It represents the very core of what I believe. You may not believe what I believe and that’s not the point. The point is, whatever you believe, do you believe it all the way and do you use it all day long to drive your work towards excellence?

So What?

What Others Should Do?

Take You're Own Advice?
Take You're Own Advice?

Isn’t it tempting to hear a great leadership strategy or tactic and begin to think about all of the people that would benefit from it?

What if every time this happened, we asked instead, “How does this apply to me?”

What’s Your Big Dream?

Where Do You Stand?
Where Do You Stand?

Do you feel like quitting, giving up, or at the very least, backing down from reaching high?

Two of our most common feelings are:

  1. Dreaming Big Dreams
  2. Quitting because of the obstacles

So today’s thought for you to ponder, “What’s your big dream?”

And, “Are you still passionate about it or have you given up?”