I was a complete joke, and maybe still am

I was a complete joke from 2003 – 2008, and maybe still am. Laugh if you want, but this applies to all of us. When we look back on our lives in five and ten year increments, we seemed like such a punk “back then”.

What we convinced ourselves was impossible then, is so minuscule now, it’s embarrassing how small we thought “back then”.

Our big, hairy, audacious goals right?

Why do we dream them up if we aren’t gonna go for it?

Sometimes we sit on these for decades.

Four years ago I forced myself to write five daily, differently-themed blogs for 100 straight days (500 posts upon completion).

Now, what was once impossible to accomplish, is now my “surplus-posts buffer”.

So yeah, there are 100 days (500 posts) already written. Done. Waiting. Extra.

Pretty ridiculous, eh?

We thrive, or regret, in proportion to this common, but quiet, opportunity… (freely shared here)


Twitter This

Twitter This.

Even if you’re not into social media, social networking, or social marketing, that’s OK.

Many folks are resistant to change.  It’s human nature.    Neither bad nor good.   It is what it is.

However, there is also a classic truth:

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Maybe it’s having an eight-year old in our house that inspires me to stay current.  Maybe it’s the fact that I can be enthusiastic about change and embrace it, or, I can be unenthusiastic and let it suffocate me.

Like I always say, “The choice is ours.  Always is, always has been”.

Today’s Orlando Sentinel article, Social network Twitter ushers in new era for athletes, is yet another story on social media becoming, well, socially acceptable.

Now if we can just figure this out for business…..