No really

All those important issues at work seem so trivial

Sanibel Island morning beach view


(photo: For 25 years, every morning beach walk was with a Yellow Lab… this morning was the first exception)

A bizarre experience…

So funny how all those important issues at work seem so trivial compared to the life of a loved one.

Yes we can love our job and worry about the business all the time.

Just keep things in check.


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Professionally Speaking

Let’s hope he can overcome his deficiency screen shot advertisements
There is joy is finally accepting that you are an expert at the things you’ve spent your life doing


Flying in first class to Orlando yesterday, she said she’s a certified life coach and shared the highly esteemed credentials she recently received. She’s also a small business entrepreneur at age 31. Her next three days will be spent speaking at Orange County Convention Center.

It all sounded so impressive.

And then the aha moment…

The person she was talking to has been receiving his credentials from one of the World’s most admired companies for 30 years, almost as long as she’s been alive – yet he has no ‘official certification’.

The message for all of us?

Take stock in our experience – it rivals (and can easily trump) a diploma with few exceptions.

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Anyone Else Think Like This?

The person who loves their job doesn’t really have a better job, they just have better perspective

Carnival game booth
Could you thrive as a carnival game booth worker?


Perhaps the person who loves their job doesn’t really have a better job, they just have better perspective.


We should use caution to avoid having a blind spot with using excuses.

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Professionally Speaking

People like this are either one or the other

one dozen microphones for big presentation at The Breakers
First class production all the way (three screens across the front, 12 microphones on the table)


The Breakers' meeting room view at sunrise
Two views – boastful or grateful (hint: starts with a ‘gr’)


The Breakers ocean front sidewalk
The ballroom is on the end – any closer and it would be in the ocean


We all work for a living (yes, there are exceptions).

Have to do or get to do?

The law of the harvest?

We reap what we sow?

Boastful or grateful?

Depends where on our vantage point.

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It's Not Over Rated

One big reason why we need reminders

perspective illusion
things are not always as they appear. in fact, they rarely are.

The biggest reason for reminders is so we don’t forget. Duh! Just remember when you see someone, say me, who loves their job, you absolutely have to remember that everyone, including me, is fighting a hard battle. Don’t be fooled. Count your blessings right where you are.

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