We start with Cast Previews

Launched If Disney Ran Your Life January 25, 2019. Have recorded six episodes, including number 5 and 6, yesterday. Until further notice, every Podcast episode we publish is considered part of the Cast Preview stage. Cast Previews are offered to employees when we (Disney) are close to opening something new (Theme Park, Hotel, Attraction, Restaurant, etc). Cast Previews are a Disney strategy to […]

.think .differently about everything

.think .differently about everything Signed up for email subscription to the Podcast, If Disney Ran Your Life. We (Jody Maberry and me) have intentionally held back on promoting the podcast email sign up. Why? After listening to the first episode, i knew immediately i wanted to practice with more episodes before saying, “Hey, if you’re interested […]

Legendary Disney creativity and innovation

Legendary Disney creativity and innovation. The photo above captures my favorite Disneyland example. The crazy thing about Disney business insights is that there’s always legitimate concern about whether or not to invest the time, money, and resources required to pay attention to the smallest details because of the fact that 99% will never notice. •  • […]