Still stunned, a year and a half later

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(photo: smile… that’s what a great comedian helps us do.. same with a great motivational speaker)

Some people have an obligation (and passion) to be the funniest person in the room, no matter what room it is.

Some people have an obligation (and passion) to be the best deepest thinker in the room, no matter what room it is.

One is a professional comedian. The other is a professional speaker.

And when either one makes a commitment to share their best work for free on the Internet, how cool is that?

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Gone Are All The jungle jeff You Tube Videos And Blog Posts

Nothing to show for it but experience and wisdom

In seven months there were 190 jungle jeff noel blog posts, and a couple dozen You Tube videos directing traffic to one website. noel decided to remove and permanently delete much of his work, without being asked. He rewrote the remaining work to become personal in nature. noel says he wouldn’t trade the experience for anything, even though he literally has nothing to show and it was mostly invisible work without any credit or resume power.

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A Conservative Approach Is Customary For Large, Well-Estabished Institutions

It's a social media jungle out there, potentially breathtaking & dangerous on the same day

Organizations with the best reputations and greatest public trust have the most to lose if their social media isn’t specifically and clearly laid out. And even three years later, the social media learning curve is still a curve. The original corporate social media policies laid out broad, general, use-good-judgement verbiage. So much of the Internet landscape was, and still is, a relatively wild frontier.

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Corporate Social Media Policy Had Not Yet Been Invented On A Large Scale

The Power Of A Many Brands Is Based On The Reputation Of It's People

Three years ago, did your organization have an official corporate social media policy? Doubtful. Today? Sure. Industry has mostly caught up with what has been street knowledge for years – social media is invaluable in communicating a brand.

A brand is the first thing someone thinks of when they hear your name. Brands are not always positive. Some brands are so positive, they are the definitive leader: Disney, Apple, Google, Starbucks, ESPN.

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Company Blogs and Corporate Blogging?

Company Blogs and Corporate Blogging?

What is it?  How is it done?

And most importantly, what blogging policies and guidelines are best?

Here’s an article I just read that will start with the policy basics.  Simple structure that isn’t too complicated.  Click here to read: Corporate Social Media Policy

I’ll be following it as it looks to be a great, and credible, source of valuable tips to make it easier to move forward, safely, with corporate social media.

Make it a great day.  And thank you for visiting jungle, Daily Reflections on Excellence.  Carpe diem, jeff 🙂