Poor customer service is rare these days

  Do we have the courage to act on limited knowledge and insufficient evidence? That’s what speaking up against status quo requires. That, or ignorance. Twice yesterday i was quietly stunned by two incredibly weird customer service experiences. The Dollar Rent A Car representative at Chicago Midway told me i needed to fill up the […]

Is the best efficiency to create a busy enough schedule to insulate

  Bosses are responsible for managing many things. Including people. People are complex. Each one different. Time consuming? Potentially. Probably. Is the best efficiency to create a busy enough schedule to insulate the leader from the really hard work of making their team feel like rock stars? Next Blog

What if most think leadership is just paying lip service?

  (photo: Excerpt from Spotting the Sacred, a forgotten Kindle download from long ago… began reading on flight yesterday) When we hold on to cultural norms, what are we really holding on to? Tradition? Values? Comfort? Consistency? A recent blog post from a famous company suggests we be bold. Bold can get you in trouble. […]

Dear Nuwanda, please tell us how you really feel about the accusations

  A fictional (probably) story that could happen, or is happening now, in any company, anywhere in the world… Dear fearless new leader, welcome back as our company’s alpha dog. You’ve come a long way in the decade you’ve been gone. Extraordinarily impressive. Congratulations. Those antiquated astonishing things we’re still doing that have you shaking […]