No really

The paradox of the leadership imperative

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Still in the Las Vegas airport


The paradox of the leadership imperative.

Leadership and the power that comes with it is very tempting to misuse or rationalize it’s privileges.

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No really

The one interesting paradox about power and leadership

Big theater in the round stage at Orange County Convention Center
being onstage can feel powerful, it can also feel vulnerable


The unexplainable joy from becoming our own true, authentic self is the stuff not covered in most leadership books.


My theory is because most successful leaders got there for personal glory, not for authenticity.

Human nature is survival of the fittest. Dog eat dog. Yada yada.

True power is in not needing it.

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Freaks unite

Knowledge is power is false

Airport sign advertisement
Knowledge can move us, but not nearly like action


Knowledge is power is false.

Action is power.

Knowledge without implementation is the same as not knowing.


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Emotion Trumps Everything

Happy Leap Year And The Power Of Love

To John Hoke, a Parrot Head, scuba-diving grandpa, leap-year water-lovin' Baby Boomer.

And the greatest of these is Love….

Happy birthday to my brother-in-law John Hoke, who turns 13 (52) today.

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