Could This Change Your Life?

But what if I’m not a disciplined person?

Good results require good effort. Great results, great effort. At the least, be good.

Here’s what I’d tell you if you said, “But what if I’m not a disciplined person?”
Me: “I bet when you’re hungry, you would use your resources to get food to eat. You’ve been taught how to do this, and I bet you’re really good at it. But I bet you don’t believe you can apply ‘hunger’ metaphorically to discipline yourself to become decent at life’s basics.”

Common sense – discipline yourself to find a million ways to feed your hunger for life’s basics.

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But The Bigger Question Is?

Yesterday I eloquently droned on about thinking like a failure, whatever that means, right?

Well guess what else?  I’d like to drone on about what does yesterday’s post mean to you today?  Because if it meant nothing to you, guess what?

Seriously, if I have to explain this (again) to you, you may not get it.

Hey, you do know I’m only talking to myself and none of this is meant to make you feel uncomfortable (yes it is).  Having tough conversations with myself is the most effective way to push the limits of my abilities.

What do you do to push the limits of your abilities?  You do push yourself, right?