Madrid Disney Creativity Keynote Speech

A rare backstage look at how i begin to prepare for a speech…in this case, more than four months in advance.

Madrid Disney Creativity Keynote Speech is in five days. Four months ago the framework (photo above) was laid out and the client approved.

We are expecting 1,000 attendees.

The speech is scheduled for 50 minutes, but it’s mapped for 45. Better yet, map it out for 40 minutes. Rarely does a conference start, and stay, on time.

Son, it’s easier to add a story or activity than to have to remove an important component minutes or hours before you speak.

My speeches are methodically intentional with specific insights, relevant stories, and excellent activities.

To have to take a strategic insight, story, or activity out means the speech’s DNA has been tampered with.

Son, this is a perfect example of over-focusing on the things i used to under-focus on or ignore.

i also clarify in advance if the conference is behind schedule and i start late, do i still take the agreed upon speech time.

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