Make it fun even if it’s foreign to you

Disney Leadership Keynote Speaker jeff noel
Jack the bear is a road warrior, and he gets a lot of practice.


Anyone who’s great at what they do┬ámakes it look easy.

But it ain’t easy.

Practicing was much easier in real time at Disney. When you work for Disney Institute as a professional speaker, you speak nearly every day.

When you are a solo entrepreneur, your speaking engagements are farther apart. The only way to practice then is to do it over and over again without an audience.

So that’s what i’m doing.

Morning, noon and night.

Day in, day out.


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Before You Leave

Less Hype Please
Less Hype Please

Are you thinking about your leadership vision as you prepare for your day?

Have you thought about what you want to accomplish before heading out your door.

Not talking about doing things right.

Talking about doing the right things.

Being a great leader rubs people the wrong way.

It also inspires them when they realize you are for real.

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